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Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School



Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School


Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School


Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year Award

Represents a senior (male and female) athlete who is a multiple sport, varsity athlete who embodies the true qualities of a team player, leader and role model. Not only has this person been a skilled athlete and an important part of the team’s performance, but more importantly, has been vital to the teamwork and sportsmanship of the team through his/her leadership.


Athlete of the Year Award/Independent Bus Francis Levett Memorial Grant

Presented each year to a senior male and female athlete who best exemplifies the following: team leadership, spirit, good sportsmanship, team commitment, attendance, athletic improvement, and for being a role model for other athletes. These athletes have also made a significant contribution to his or her team(s) during their athletic career. These athletes also shall have participated on two or more varsity teams and received county-wide recognition in those sports


Bill Munch Memorial Award

Presented to one senior male or female student/athlete who best exemplifies the following: 

good citizenship, sportsmanship and academic achievement.


Howie Stark Memorial Award

Presented to one senior male and female athlete who participated on a minimum of three varsity teams (not necessarily in the same sport). Student must demonstrate superior quality of character and have excellent leadership qualities.


Hy Podber/Howie Stark Memorial Scholarship Award

Presented to two (2) senior baseball players.  This award is based on athletic ability, achievement, and their performance on the field.  (Not to be given out based on need.  To be selected by the varsity baseball coaches.)


Lance Taragano Memorial Spirit  Award

Presented to one male and female athlete who best represents the spirit of competitive sports. Athletes are being honored not necessarily as the best athlete, but the best teammate.  These senior players have always shown pride and passion for their team. In addition, these senior players have also provided encouragement and support for all players on the team.

This award will be given to the athlete that congratulates the star, but also provides encouragement and support for the player who did not deliver at the critical moment.


Peninsula Kiwanis Dom Sciarotta Award 

Presented to a senior Hewlett varsity football player who best exemplifies the characteristics of hard work, dedication, spirit, selflessness & the pursuit of charitable endeavors. (To be selected by the varsity football coaches.)


Wrestling Ironman Scholarship

Presented to a senior wrestler who will be attending a two-year or four-year school in the fall, has been a member of the wrestling team for at least 3 years, has excelled in team leadership, commitment and has shown a great deal of character.


Top Dog Award

Presented each year to a senior male and female athlete who embodies the true meaning of being a “Bulldog” while recognizing their outstanding loyalty, commitment, passion and unconditional support of Hewlett Athletics.


Twelve Season Athlete Medals of Commitment

Presented each year to any senior athlete who has competed in and completed twelve or more athletic seasons while a student at Hewlett High School.


SIBS Place Team First Award

Presented to senior athletes who have displayed humanitarian concern and a commitment to community service.
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