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Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School



Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School


Hewlett High School & Woodmere Middle School

Fall Sports Information

June 2022


Dear Students and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


For your convenience, the Hewlett-Woodmere Athletic Office is sharing athletic information for Middle School and High School students and families for the fall of 2022. Please pay special attention to the starting dates, times and locations of the fall 2022 sports teams. In order for our teams to properly prepare, it is expected that all student athletes be in attendance on the first day of tryouts/practices and throughout the season including holiday and recess periods. Please read the attached information carefully. 


  1. All families are asked to create an account, register their child and desired sport on Family ID. Family ID can be accessed Here:


  1. JV/V Football starts on August 22, 2022 and all other fall sports start on August 29, 202 Registration for Hewlett High School Fall sports will open on August 1, 2022 and close August 25, 2022. Any Hewlett High School student interested in playing JV/V football MUST be registered prior to August 18, 202


  1. Woodmere Middle School Fall Sports start on September 6, 2022. Registration will open on August 8, 2022 and close September 1, 2022


  1. Registration for all other seasons typically opens thirty days prior to the start of the season. Please check the district calendar for those dates.


  1. It is imperative that any student interested in playing a sport register by the registration date. Students who fail to register by the registration date runs the risk of not meeting the NYSPHSAA practice requirements, the HWPS approval process and may not meet participation eligibility criteria. 


  1. When registering on Family ID all information must be completed and acknowledged including a health history and a COVID-19 history. Any student diagnosed with COVID-19 must receive a medical reassessment and clearance letter to participate in sports from his/her physician which must state “cleared to return to sports/athletics post COVID-19.


  1. All Sports Physicals must be completed, dated, signed and stamped by your doctor on the official New York State Physical Form which should be dated within one year from the starting date of the desired sport. All physical examinations for school are to be documented on the NYS Required Health Examination Form. No other physical examination form will be accepted. Physical forms must be filled in completely and cannot be filled in with “see attached.” Only immunization records may be attached to physical forms.  The examination form needs to indicate can participate in all activities without restriction. All forms need to be uploaded on Family ID. Please see sample below.



  1. Additionally, it is at this time that we ask Hewlett High School families to prepare in advance and understand that many high school athletic events take place on SAT/ACT testing days. Please notify coaches in advance if your child will be absent due to testing.


  1. Vacation/Recess Periods (HS Only): it is of utmost importance that student athletes attend all scheduled practices AND games during recess/holiday periods for the continuity of learning as a team and for the benefit of continuous practice as it relates to the appropriate physical fitness levels necessary for participation. As member school of Section VIII it is our obligation to fulfill our commitment to field teams and play all scheduled contest during recess/holiday periods.


  1. For those families in need of a sports physical our school doctor will be offering sports physicals to our students on August 10 and August 24 from 8:30am-10:40am at Hewlett High School. Sports physicals are by appointment only on a first come first serve basis. Anyone interested must sign up on Family ID.
    1. The August 10 sports physical registration will open on July 6.
    2. The August 24 sports physical registration will open on July 31.


  1. It is the policy of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District to provide each student with an opportunity to

develop his/her own interests and to work cooperatively in groups through the sponsorship of a variety of co-curricular activities. While participation in these activities is desirable, it is also important that, as a representative of the school, the student maintain an acceptable level of attendance, academic performance, and positive behavior. Each student participating in a co-curricular activity must acknowledge an “Eligibility for Co-Curricular Activities Statement of Understanding.” Access the eligibility regulations:


  1. SAVE THE DATE 1: September 6, 2022- 6:00 pm- Mandatory Athletic Information Night for Fall JV and Varsity Athletes and their parents in the HHS auditorium.


  1. SAVE THE DATE 2: September 9, 2021- 6:00 pm- Mandatory Athletic Information Night for WMS  parents in the MS gym








JV/V Football

August 22 at 8:00am

Hewlett HS

John Palladino

Girls Swimming & Diving

August 29 at 3:00pm

Hewlett HS Pool

Scott Zanville

Girls JV/V Tennis

August 29 at 3:00pm

Woodmere MS

Brett Verini

Girls JV/V Soccer

August 29 at 3:15pm

Woodmere MS

Gil Kreiss

Girls JV/V Cheerleading

August 29 at 3:30pm

Hewlett Elementary School

Rosemarie Abrignani

Girls JV/V Volleyball

August 29 at 5:30pm

Hewlett HS

Cristian Velasco

Boys JV/V Soccer

August 29 at 3:15pm

Hewlett Elementary School

Jesse Corben

Boys JV/V Volleyball

August 29 at 3:15pm

Hewlett HS

Monique Ciccarelli

Boys/Girls Cross-Country

August 29 at 3:15pm

Hewett HS Track

Stephen Honerkamp






All Sports start on September 9, 2021 at 3:15pm







Vinny Lospinuso

Boys Soccer


Eamon McHugh

Boys Tennis

WMS Tennis Courts


Girls Soccer


Girls Swimming & Diving

WMS- Bus to HHS Pool at 3:30 (pick up ay HHS pool)



WMS Track

Jay Rosenkrantz







Starting Dates:

Hewlett HS Fall Sports:          August 23-December 5, 2022

JV/V Football

August 30- November 20, 2022

B/G Cross-Country, Girls Swim/Dive, B/G Soccer,

Girls Tennis, B/G Volleyball, Cheerleading,


Hewlett HS Winter Sports:     November 14, 2022-March 17, 2023

B/G Basketball, Competitive Cheerleading, Wrestling, Gymnastics, B Swim/Dive, B/G Bowling, B/G Fencing, B/G Winter Track


Hewlett HS Spring Sports:     March 13, 2023-June 10, 2023

B/G Track & Field, Softball, Baseball, B/G Lacrosse,

March 20, 2023-June 9, 2023

Boys Tennis, Unified Basketball, Golf

**HS End dates are NYSPHSAA championship dates. Season may end sooner if team/individual does not qualify for sectional, regional or state playoffs.



Woodmere Middle School:     September 6, 2022-November 5, 2022

Fall Sports                               B/G Cross-Country, Girls Swim/Dive, B/G Soccer, Boys Tennis, Cheerleading, Football


Woodmere Middle School:       November 7, 2022-January 14, 2023

Winter I                                    Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Competitive Cheer


Woodmere Middle School:         January 17, 2023-March 25, 2023

Winter II                                  Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Volleyball


Woodmere Middle School:         March 27, 2023-June 3, 2023

Spring                                                   B/G Track & Field, Softball, Baseball, Girls Tennis, B/G Lacrosse





Sample NYS School health Examination Form (As of January 31, 2021, physical examinations for school are to be documented on the NYS Required Health Examination Form (see below):





If you have any questions please call:

  • G.W. Hewlett High School Health Office (Janice Nolan, R.N.) @ 792-4110
  • Woodmere Middle School Health Office (Lori Bromley, R.N.) @ 516-792-4310
  • Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics @

            (516) 792-4021.



David Viegas

District Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics